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Tikka T3-T3X, TRG scope mount

NZ$400.00 GST INCL

30mm mounts are out of stock


Machined from 7075 aircraft grade alloy, these fit straight onto the Tikka action, they come with a s/s recoil lug.


34mm Low                                                         


A             32mm, 1.26”                                    

B             56mm, 2.205”                                 

C             7mm,   0.276”                                 

D             32.86mm 1.294”                             

E              33.55mm 1.32”                               

F              34mm                                                  

MOA 20                                                              

Weight 213 Grams, 7.51 oz                         

Screw number per ring 6


30mm High                                                        


A             21.5mm,   0.846”                            

B             77mm,      3.031”                            

C             9.0mm,     0.354”                            

D             32.86mm, 1.294”                           

E              33.55mm, 1.32”                                              

F              30mm                                                  

MOA 20                                                              

Weight 178 Grams, 6.28oz                          

Screw per ring, 4


30mm Low

A             21.5mm,    0.846”

B             77mm,       3.031”

C             4.5mm,       0.177”

D             26.35mm,  1.037”

E              27.05mm,  1.065

F              30mm

MOA 20

Weight 150 Grams, 5.29oz

Screws per ring, 4


The mounts side clamp partially covers the ejection port so magnum cartridges will not eject from the Tikka T3 with the small ejection port, this will required modification to enlarge the port to the same size as the T3X port, non magnum cartridges eject fine.

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