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Tikka T3-T3X, TRG scope mount

NZ$400.00 GST INCL

Machined from 7075 aircraft grade alloy, these fit straight onto the Tikka action, they come with a s/s recoil lug.


34mm Low                                                         


A             32mm, 1.26”                                    

B             56mm, 2.205”                                 

C             7mm,   0.276”                                 

D             32.86mm 1.294”                             

E              33.55mm 1.32”                               

F              34mm                                                  

MOA 20                                                              

Weight 213 Grams, 7.51 oz                         

Screw number per ring 6


30mm High                                                        


A             21.5mm,   0.846”                            

B             77mm,      3.031”                            

C             9.0mm,     0.354”                            

D             32.86mm, 1.294”                           

E              33.55mm, 1.32”                                              

F              30mm                                                  

MOA 20                                                              

Weight 178 Grams, 6.28oz                          

Screw per ring, 4


30mm Low

A             21.5mm,    0.846”

B             77mm,       3.031”

C             4.5mm,       0.177”

D             26.35mm,  1.037”

E              27.05mm,  1.065

F              30mm

MOA 20

Weight 150 Grams, 5.29oz

Screws per ring, 4

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