Ultra Magnum Suppressor muzzle brake cap.



DPT is happy to release our new suppressor muzzle brake cap product range for dpt suppressors. 

This is for one, suppressor muzzle brake cap only the suppressor and additional baffles are not included.

To be able to install the muzzle brake cap onto the dpt suppressor all you need to do is take off the front baffle of your suppressor and screw the muzzle brake directly into an existing Ultra magnum suppressor.

These will give around 40-50% recoil reduction compared to around 30-40% that a 4 baffle standard suppressor depending on calibre and barrel length, As larger magnum calibres give a better recoil reduction.

This will fit onto any of our mk1 model suppressors as the ultra Magnum suppressor uses mk1 baffles.

Please note when using the suppressor brake front cap these is a slight noise increase for the shooter and less baffles used the louder it is.

These caps have 3 ports around circumference and 9 ports in total and do not need to be indexed to the rifle

You have two calibre options, 30 cal and 338 cal,

44.2mm diameter 

63 gram approx weight depending on caliber

28.50 mm in length

SKU: 10000-278-4-2-1-1

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