Centerfire over barrel modular 223wssm, 30/06 Mk2 Big Barrel
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Please have the police email the above form to once complete.
DPT are happy to release our new range of Big Barrel Mk2 modular suppressors.
Over barrel suppressor Bead blasted and hard coat anodized matte black This configuration has 4 baffle modules (equivalent to 5 baffles on the muzzle forward can) making it perfect for anything with a case capacity no larger than a 30-06.You have eleven baffle options 17cal, 20 cal, 22 cal, 6mm, 25cal-6.5mm, 7mm, 30 cal, 338 cal, 35cal, 44cal, 45cal
Please email us if your thread / caliber combination is not listed in the drop down menu223, 7.62x39, 22-250, 243, 25-06, 308, 270, 30-06 Only takes minutes to disassemble and clean. 43.0mm diameter 240mm total length.
95mm forward of the muzzle
145mm over the barrel
345 grams
A lot of research and time has been put into designing these baffles, they are extremely effective for the size and weight. Barrel isolator tube will accept barrels no bigger than 25.5mm in diameter. Additional baffles can be purchased, they are 27grams in weight and add 15mm to the total length of the suppressor.
Please note, all of our over barrel suppressors have a plastic rear bush that needs to be machined out slightly larger than your barrel size at the point the rear of the suppressor sits over your barrel, for this over barrel suppressor its 133mm behind the thread shoulder. If you give us this measurement or the model of your rifle we can machine out the bush to suit.

SKU: 10000-2-6

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